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Head Parts

H11-QUEEN: A fourth generation design from the Layered Armored Cores. Balanced in defense, ECM Countermeasures and carries built in sensor equipment beyond optical systems. It also has NIGHT VISION unlike NEXT Cores.

YH14-STING: A recently developed part developed by the Mirage Corporation (or what was left of it - this is a post Nexus part). Is equal in defense to the H11-QUEEN. It however boasts a far more complete sensor suite, greater ECM counters and a targeting system for better work against biological opponents lacking any form of FoF identification systems.

YH15-DRONE: A limited production part designed by Mirage. It has a immensely powerful sensor suite and immense ECM Defense. However it is restricted by a more limited Operating System.

CR-YH85SR: A multi-purpose design with several sensor options. Has good defense against solid rounds and strikes, but less capability against energy weapons.

Core Parts (Torso)

A high quality Core generally used by pilots specializing in assaults. It has well rounded defenses against both Solid Rounds and energy weapons and has an energy based anti-missile system with a 62% rate of success. Rather than an Over-Boost system, the E2 is equipped with a bit-like weapon called an Extend Orbit. The EO is armed with twin machineguns loaded with rounds designed to cause heat-based fluctuations.

CR-YC010/UL2: Despite having a slightly lower level of armor than the E2 Core, the UL2 makes up for it in several other ways. The UL2 has an advanced cooling system allowing the Nevermore to tolerate greater temperatures. Additionally the Core is significantly lighter than the E2, and also has ports for weapon storage. Unlike the E2, the UL2 is an Over-Boost type core. Mounting a group of high powered boosters that allow it to tear across the battlefield at the cost of significant heat spikes.

Arm Parts

CR-A82SL: The SL is an early  lightweight arm design that attempts to achieve overall balance in defense, mobility and weapon handling. While outshone by many other parts with a particular focus, its relative juggling of various statistics makes it a good part for use.

CR-A94FL: Another lightweight design. The FL has superior cooling systems and energy defense and has a greater aptitude for weapons than the SL. However its physical defenses are slightly less significant.

: A fourth generation design with low energy consumption levels and good statistics in defense and combat capabilities.

: A highly effective combat design boasting excellent defenses and good weapons handling. Its cooling systems and energy distribution however are sub par.
:  Highly agile arm part, however it suffers in its defenses, cooling and overall energy distribution. This design was meant for machines that excel in rapid strikes.

Leg Parts:

LH05-COUGAR: A mid-weight bipedal design stressing defensive capabilities and expanded load capacity. Slightly heavy due to the armor but is a very solid design overall.

LF03-GAVIAL2: While not the most well defended, the GAVIAL2 boasts the highest load capacity of the quadrupedal category and shines brightly in Ryou's quad designs.

CR-LN99M2: A more combat effective redesign of another Crest designed set of hover systems. The 99M2 is relatively well defended in comparison to the lightweight and paper thin hover designs and grants the Nevermore immense speed. The Hover systems also have built in boosters.


B01-BIRDIE: A booster design by Mirage meant to drain a low amount of energy with use but still allow for respectable speed and lift capability. It succeeded, but there are still more powerful designs out in the market.

CR-B83TP: A highly powerful Crest booster design allowing for immense acceleration and lift. Has heat problems, but those can be reduced to a manageable state with the right design.

B04-BIRDIE2: A redesign of the BIRDIE type Booster to give it greater power. This redesign succeeded but has a greater generator pull in use.

B03-VULTURE2: A well known design. The original VULTURE type was highly respected for its power but had significant heat problems, as did the GULL design based on it. The VULTURE2 sacrifices acceleration for heat manageability and long term movement ability.

Fire Control System (FCS/Targeting)

A design meant to work with a wide variety of weapons and has mid-level ECM resistance. It is meant for mid-to-close range battles.

CR-75D: A powerful FCS design with high ECM resistance and target tracking. Despite being designed for general usage with Sniper Types, in the right hands, the 75D and other sniper class FCS can be used at any and all ranges.


: A generator with a particularly high output rating. Has weight issues.

KUJAKU: Slightly heavier than the G84P, but also has greater output capacity in comparison.

: A redesign of an earlier lightweight generator. This redesign is meant to provide greater output.


R02-HAZEL2: A redesign of an earlier radiator. Has a slight power draw problem but is otherwise a respectable part. The HAZEL2 emphasizes emergency cooldowns rather than gradual ones.

: A high quality light-weight design with minor power draw problems, though in comparison to the HAZEL2 its actually better in that respect.

Extension Parts (Mounted on upper arms):

CR-E84RM2 Relation Missile Launcher: the RM2 design is a low ammo but high damage class in terms of launchers. The role of a Relation Missile Launcher is to link with primary launchers on the AC and fire in tandem.

FUNI Relation Missile Launcher: A Kisaragi developed Launcher drawing from their Micromissile Designs. Has a high amount of ammunition in comparison to other launchers.

BYAKUE Extra Ammo Containers:
A simple design that carries additional ammunition for the AC's handheld weapons. Normally used for rifle type weapons.

Internal Weapons: (Launchers hidden inside the arms)

CR-184RN Napalm Rockets
: Napalm is a bit of a mistaken description given how much stronger the payload of the Rocket is. The 184RN is a hidden launcher that fires rounds that detonate on impact and cover opponents with a flaming payload that not only causes intense heat damage, but would play havoc on enemy cooling systems.

I0SD-MEDUSA Decoy launcher: The MEDUSA Decoy Launcher releases small drones into the air that confuse enemy sensors and give additional targets for their weapons locks. If used at the right moment, it can not only waste enemy ammunition but also leave them open to attack.

Back Units:

CR-WB72M2 Small Missile Launcher: A missile launcher boasting large ammo stores. Requires target locks for individual missiles. The M2's missiles are highly effective against lightly armored andt moderately armored opponents, but only have marginal use against heavily armored opponents.

KINNARA Micromissile launcher: A Kisaragi design. Unlike other missile launchers that require one lock per missile. the Micromissile designs unleash a hailstorm of high speed missiles at a target. Despite their size, the combined explosion and impact can cause considerable damage to opponents.

CR-WB78RP2 Medium Rocket Launcher: A launcher that fires manually targeted rounds. Rockets used by ACs usually tend to be high damage and low accuracy. This launcher is no different. The RP2 boasts greater amounts of ammunition than its predecessor.

CR-WB91MB Cluster Missile launcher: The 91MB has a payload of missiles that shower an enemy in cluster bombs. A weapon often used in open environments as normally the missile is fired at a point above the opponent in order for the bomblets to catch them unawares.

CR-WB69CG Chaingun: More of a Gatling gun than a Chain Gun. Nevertheless it is a powerful weapon, unleashing heavy rounds capable of chewing through heavy armor in short order and causing heat issues on targets.

CR-WB82SG2 Slug Gun:
A lightweight redesign, the SG2 unleashes a large blast of heavy slugs that cause intense armor damage with the added problem of heat spikes on enemy machines. Damage diminishes the further away the enemy is.

CR-WBW98LX Aperture Laser Cannon: A large weapon that takes up both back equipment slots on an AC. Essentially the most powerful weapon in an AC's arsenal for power per shot, the LX unleashes a gigantic beam of utter destruction on an opponent. However it has a limit of ten shots, making every missed attack a wasted opportunity.

CR-WB91LGL Linear Gun:
Essentially a cannon that fires high speed, high impact rounds. Between the munitions used as well as the fact that the air around the round itself essentially has caught fire (in Atmospheric environments anyway) the rounds also have a tendency to cause heat spikes in whatever section that has been struck.

WB24RG-LADON2 Railcannon:
The Railcannon is a lethally accurate weapon that fires high speed rounds that are practically supercharged with energy drawn from the AC's generator. Railguns are capable of tearing through most armor and dismembering enemy machines if used effectively. Given a significant charge they are capable of causing are of effect damage.

CR-WB78GL Grenade launcher: The 78GL is essentially what it sounds like. It is a grenade launcher that fires immensely powerful explosives, that being said however it is easy to avoid at long range.

MAGORAGA Micro Missile Launcher: A lighter Micromissile system. It fires less concentrated swarms and has less ammunition.

WB17R-SIREN3 Radar System: An external sensor system with immense range and scanning capabilities.

Arm Weapons

WR07M-PIXIE3 Machinegun:
The third variation in the PIXIE series of Machineguns. It combines the firing speed and the light weight of the PIXIE and the ammunition capacity of the PIXIE2. It has low damage per round but can throw them out fast. It is at best however a close combat weapon, as it is below average at best at mid-range.

WH01R-GAST Assault Rifle: The GAST was designed with high firing speed and ammunition capacity in mind. As with other rifle type weapons, the GAST deals respectable damage with high accuracy. Coupled with its high fire rate the GAST is lethal, having two GAST rifles could very well be devastating in the right hands.

CR-WR93RL Linear Rifle: Developed from the Back Mounted Linear Cannons, the RL linear rifle is a particularly lethal Solid Round weapon. While this handheld derivative has less physical impact than the rounds fired by the back mounted versions, it is still capable of causing great amounts of heat damage and knocking around an opponent.

CR-WR81RS2 Sniper Rifle: A high powered sniper rifle designed for a relatively high rate of fire for its weapon class.

CR-WH058P Bazooka: A Bazooka incorporating a twin-magazine design allowing for greater ammunition reserves.

WR25DL-SKULL2 Twin Laser Rifle: A lighter version of the original SKULL twin laser. In addition to firing two simultaneous shots, the SKULL2's shots are surprisingly powerful - though the rifle requires higher maintenance than its previous and more sturdier version.

CR-WR88RS3 Sniper Rifle: The RS3 was yet another redesign in the RS series. This time it was aimed for greater power per shot.

CR-WH01SP Heavy Shotgun: The 01SP is a large and blocky weapon, comparable to the back mounted slug guns because of the heavy alloy rounds it uses.

WR01R-SHADOW Heavy Rifle: A high powered rifle with immense ammunition storage. Limited by a slow firing speed in comparison to other rifles.

CR-WH79M2 Heavy Machinegun: A Gatling gun in appearance but not name. The M2 fires highly damaging rounds that induce heat complications in enemy machines.

CR-WL88LB3 Laser Blade: An intense short ranged high powered energy blade capable of carving through most forms of armor. All AC based Laser blades are capable of unleashing a ranged blade wave attack. The size of the wave depends on the length of the blade.

CR-WL06LB4 Laser Blade: The LB4 utilizes technology from the well known MOONLIGHT blade design. In essence, the LB4 was meant to make the immense energy draw from the MOONLIGHT more manageable and make the weapon lighter, but keep its immense power and range. They managed to succeed as the LB4 is far more practical than its significantly bulkier predecessor.

YWH13M-NIX Machinegun: A recent design. The NIX has an immensely high fire rate, capable of showering an enemy with a barrage of rounds with a pull of a trigger. Accuracy is surprisingly high at Short to Mid-Range but only there. The only problem it suffers is that it's ammunition reserves can be drained very quickly.

CR-WH05RLA Linear Assault Rifle: A recent design. The RLA is a rapid firing Linear Rifle with all that implies. It unfortunately is quite bulky, and suffers from low ammunition reserves.

CR-WL95B Bazooka:
A lightweight bazooka sacrificing ammunition reserves for more manageable weight without sacrificing attack power.

WH09H-WRAITH Handgun: Handguns straddle the line between Rifles and Machineguns. Light weapons that deal surprising amounts of damage but suffer from small amounts of ammunition. The WRAITH is designed for a high rate of fire and thus burns through its ammunition relatively quickly.

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Suggested Event List

NOTE: The events have been split into three 'seasons' Silent Line, Nexus, and Last Raven.

ADDITONAL NOTE: Following the events of the final mission of Armored Core: Nexus – Jack-O who will have by then taken control of Raven’s Ark will declare war on the Corporations. Events in the game take place within a day. But for the needs of UG@ that would just be plain silly so the timeframe will be stretched out accordingly to the demands of the mods and players.

Silent Line Missions:
[The Veteran's Epilogue]

Merciless Lance
Required Character(s): Castellan, with priority for Ryou Kimura and Naiza Renaldi
Enemies (YELLOW): I-C003-IN 'Big White' x 1, 85BP, 83RS, AEW360R, Strategic Laser Cannon System (cannot be targeted) x 1
There is an emergency request from  a Local Corporation. A group called the Crest Corporation has a Weapons Production facility called Lawdas about to come under attack. They already have a small team there along with a few mercenaries present but they are unsure of their chances. Upon arrival the Chalice will find the battle already in progress. The Crest team stationed there already slain with only two mercenaries struggling to keep alive. At which point the factory and the area around it is subjected to unrelenting bombardment an orbiting satellite housing a Strategic Laser Cannon System.

The beams fired from the satellite cannon should be more than enough to destroy a single mech in one shot, but it will change targets randomly due to having only one cannon. The players must avoid the cannon (or be able to tank it) while destroying the MTs. After enough MTs a Big White appears to harass the party - pushing them into a difficult battle when several of the AI-MTs being built in Lawdas are taken into its control - at which point reinforcements in the form of another Raven arrive. When the Big White sustains heavy damage, the Satellite Cannon will cover for it by repeatedly blasting a portion of the facility and causing a massive explosion. After the White Giant retreats, the bombardment ends, and the mission is complete.

(If it is at all possible for the same Big White to make appearances in other missions - even those not related to Armored Core, it would really be appreciated.)

The Flare in the Stars
Required Character(s): Castellan, Ryou Kimura and Naiza Renaldi
Enemies: Turrets, AI AC x1
The Chalice will be tasked with helping out in a joint assault on the Silent Line's giant satellite cannon, with the goal being to disable it. A combat log can be put up for those dealing with the external defenses of the satellite, while the mission itself will take place inside. Alternatively, those inside can be put on a different initiative list than those outside. Being inside the satellite requires a size of S or SS, with M sized units having mobility problems due to the narrow corridors and rooms. Enemies range from heavily armed, AC-like MT units to various turrets and a mysterious AC piloted by an AI, which will serve as the boss. The players' objective is to disable the satellite by destroying a number of large generators in the same room as the mysterious AC.

Somewhere near the end of the mission, an annoyed Castellan will make use of a Crest LBX laser cannon - the most powerful weapon an AC can equip - to blast both the generators and the mysterious AC. Regardless of the attempt's success or failure, the massive, multi-mile wide satellite receives severe damage - to a point where it can't be repaired and used as a weapon ever again.

Second Insanity
Required Character(s): Castellan, with priority for Ryou Kimura and Naiza Renaldi
Enemies: Automated turrets, I-C003-IN 'Big White' x 3, IBIS x 1
The final battle against the Silent Line - revealed to be another Layered, inhabited only by machines. This mission requires machines of size M and below due to operation area constraints. The Chalice comes across numerous turrets and the same Big Whites from the first mission and the Lawdas Factory mission, only this time, it isn't alone. After getting through THREE Big Whites, the final boss of the Silent Line arc - a black humanoid machine, IBIS - is revealed. Disabling it ends the mission.

Castellan gets to show off a bit of his skill here, circumventing the IBIS' adapting protocol using his unorthodox maneuvers, then matching it move for move after he purges some of his equipment. It is also him who will finish off the crippled IBIS, whose AI recognizes him as the Raven that freed the first Layered from its Controller, DOVE. In other words, IBIS is the Controller of the Second Layered.
Nexus Missions: [Between Strength and Freedom]

NOTE: Throughout the story of Nexus, mentions of an unknown resource should be made - Being stored in Warehouses in Bayload, being studied in the Mirage Base, and being in a transport Route through the Mirage MISSILE base. All these should hint to the Internecine in Beginning of the End.

Corporate Warfare
The Mirage corporation has made a request to the Chalice - they will offer funds and supplies to the Chalice on the condition they assist with the defense of one of their bases. Upon arrival the Chalice will find the few Mirage forces getting wiped out in a matter of seconds as Crest Corporation MTs make landfall from several Transports - and are led by an AC. If Agraya is defeated she will pull back.

The battle soon grows into a frantic pace when a long range missile bombardment showers the base - accompanied by a small team of Rusyanas, OWLs and helicopters loaded with Amidas. It seemed that Mirage wanted to remove several threats - taking the Chalice's denial of the Satellite to it personally and has managed to shoehorn Kisaragi into this attempt.

Area Conditions: Desert Base, Sun at its highest.
Enemies: Agraya, CR-MT98G, CR-MT85B, Transport Helicopters (LATER) Missiles, Rusyana, AMIDA, OWL
Allies: Evangel

Post Mission it is revealed that the AC that assaulted the Base was not a member of Raven's Ark and had belonged to the Crest Corporation - in violation of several codes of conduct signed between the Ark and the Corporations. In addition, the actions that Kisaragi and Mirage had taken had essentially been an attack on a contracted Raven they hired. 

Jack-O, an influential pilot within the Ark proceeds to stage a coup in the Ark. Literally throwing out the Executives who essentially allowed this to happen and personally taking control - soon removing any and all Ravens who he suspected of being corporate lackeys.

Crest Industries makes an emergency request at the same time as NAVIS. A group of rogue Crest Pilots are unleashing Havoc in Bayload city and request their elimination. The NAVIS representative however gives more information, specifically pointing out that Zinovie was targeting warehouses and facilities storing and studying the unknown resource - which is revealed to be insanely advanced and ancient technology.

Area Conditions: Devastated Burning City, Early evening, filled with smoke
Enemies: Zinovie, Agraya, CR-MT85B, AEW360R

NOTE: During the battle Zinovie will talk to the Chalice pilots, warning them that the Corporations greed may end up causing greater chaos in their attempt to figure out the Ancient Technology.

Beginning of the End
The Kisaragi Corporation has sent an emergency communique warning of a devastating weapon of unrivaled power within the depths of a mining facility. Research teams sent in to study the weapon had accidentally triggered its security protocols and they need someone to go in and deactivate it by destroying several devices - though with Zinovie's warning in mind, smarter minds bring along a powerful explosive as well. However as it turns out Kisaragi's instructions actually activate the weapon and fully rouse its security systems in the form of a single Proto-Pulverizer.

Any suicide drones that detonate against the structure's walls will weaken its integrity and threaten the group with a cave in.

Defeating it will unleash a massive swarm of Suicide drones that will tear towards the surface. The objective becomes leveling the weapon, caving in the mines and stopping the drones. Regardless of how well the team does, a number of drones may have escaped to wreak havoc across the world.

Area Conditions: Massive Underground Facility.
Enemies: Turrets, Prototype Pulverizer X1(LATER) Suicide Drones

Last Raven Missions [The Survivor against all odds]

Alliance Assault: With Jack-O’s declaration to annihilate the United Corporations, the alliance unleashes the Ravens under their command in a preemptive attack. Partway during the battle, an unknown machine exuding absolutely insane energy levels joins the battle – taking no one’s side and attacking indiscriminately – possibly assaulting the Alliance Lines first. Closer observation yields that its actually learning from each opponent it systematically devastates. And the enemy machine isn't alone. A horde of Suicide Drones soon follows it - bombarding everyone and everything in their path. The remaining Alliance forces either flee or put aside their differences with the Chalice to fight off the oncoming horde.

Evangel will attempt to fight off the Pulverizer in order to buy the other some time and will most likely be slain.


ACs: Evangel, Caspian, Triturate, Principal, Jouster, Mollycoddle


Other: Helicopters,  Fighter Jets
Pulverizer Quad Type, Suicide Drones

The Dominant Theory: Jack-O has requested assistance. A group of turncoat Ravens have betrayed the Ark, gathered forces and are mounting an attack on Circ City. However, halfway to the objective the ‘rogue Ravens’ along with Zinaida intercept the Chalice – believing them the Traitors. Should these Ravens be defeated quickly or a number of turns depending on the Mod pass – Jack-O, along with Crow and Omega will appear, hostile to any remaining ‘Rogues’ as well as the Chalice forces.

Jack will state that only the strong will be needed for the coming battle – which will lead to him and his comrades attempting to kill everyone present. If Zinaida has not fled and Sorcerer has not been defeated, the two will become allies.

Additionally as Jack-O leaves the sand, several hidden missile launchers will unleash their devastating payload. The missiles themselves are high speed and will shower targets in flak if detonated prematurely.

Another Pulverizer appears during the battle, disturbingly this one seems to somehow mimic Evangel’s combat style. Its expertise with its energy blades speaks volumes about the information it managed to glean from the many who died to its predecessors.

Rather than work together, Jack-O’s Personal forces press their assault and refuse to call a truce unlike the Alliance forces in the previous mission. Should the Pulverizer be defeated before Jack-O, will keep fighting but will explain his plan – to seek out Dominants – Pilots who are essentially for all intents and purposes, the ultimate warriors – men and women whose skills in combat are second to none on the face of the earth. Jack-O’s intention of wiping out the lesser Ravens and leaving the strongest was based on the fact that Pulverizers harvest data with every incarnation that is destroyed – by slaying the chaff, the stronger Ravens would have an easier battle. Jack-O vows to give all information he has on the Pulverizers once the Chalice on the sole condition that he is allowed to die like a Raven – in battle against a fellow Raven.

If Jack-O dies before the Pulverizer is defeated or is killed by it, this information will be found in his files – which will be forwarded to any and all surviving Ravens at this point.
(Note: Jack-O and company will be HIDING UNDER THE SAND until their appearance.)

AREA CONDITIONS: Desert, Night, Sandstorm

ACs: Bolt, Sorcerer, Zinaida. (LATER) Jack-O, Omega, Crow

MTs: CR-MT91L2, CR-MT98G, M10 BAT

OTHER: Bipedal Pulverizer

Last Raven: The source of the Pulverizers, along with the newest wave of Unmanned Suicide Weapons came from a Layered - One that had been beneath Circ City; Ravens Ark’s base of operations. The destruction of the Artificial Intelligences within the other Layereds had caused the others to for a lack of better term ‘evolve’ with each ‘Controller’ developing unique ways to protect itself and fulfil its unknown objectives. This Layered, apparently the only one left – has evolved into what Jack calls the Internecine. An uncontrollable self-upgrading weapons factory.

Guarding the Layered is a new and utterly alien Pulverizer, with another guarding the Supercomputer at the heart of the Layered. Zinaida will move on ahead in an attempt to shut the super computer down. She succeeds – but is trapped in a hopeless battle with the Final Pulverizer made and is slain. A desperate battle ensues, and leaves Ryou as the last surviving Raven.

Except... the Internecine hadn't shut down completely... within mere moments it churns out one last machine in an attempt at destroying the ones who had destroyed it. A blood red AC emerges from the ceiling of the Internecine.... and it is not pleased one bit.

AREA CONDITIONS: Underground, Massive Spherical Room with a central raised area.
ENEMIES: Hover Pulverizer, Ultimate Pulverizer, Nineball Seraph


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Player Name: Jockey

Personal LJ: You know I lack one

AIM Contact: You know this by now

Character Name: Ryou Kimura ‘Onyx-Zero’

Source Canon: Armored Core: Nexus/Last Raven

Community Tag: Ryou Kimura

Notes: Ryou is a potential Dominant. Essentially for a lack of better term – a human being with a truly large inclination for combat and the ability to become a highly destructive force on the battlefield. A ‘Super Pilot’ as it were. However, this is something that develops over time and does not show itself immediately. In the end, Dominants are still human despite their amazing capabilities.

As for his reasons for being on board the Chalice, Ryou was stationed for fear that his apathy regarding Rankings and the Arena would spread to other pilots.


Canon Background: Several Years ago, members of mankind fled into vast underground complexes at the threat of the Second Impact – all bearing the designation of Layered. As years passed the men and women who lived under an artificial sky managed by a vast AI System known as the Controller, continued their lives in blissful ignorance of the disasters above. However the Second Impact had caused damage to its systems, leading to a cascade of errors in its programming – eventually leading to it creating machines of unparalleled destruction to obliterate the populace under its care. The people of Layered were torn, many merely laying down to die at the hands of their Mechanical Overlord’s servants – while others took the fight to it.

Eventually, the doors of the shelter opened to the broken world as it was today – the Citizens of Layered bringing everything that they owned, even their wars and suffering.

The Corporations that had lorded over Layered, even under the auspices of the Controller continued their war upon each other and potential competitors – now no longer restricted by the desires of the thinking machine. Crest, Mirage and Kisaragi – The original three corporations and Navis, a newly formed one. All four regarded as enemies of the League of Ruling Companies for their steadfast refusal to submit themselves to League Control – refusing to be put under the heel of the front of another corporation. The Corporate warfare was at a constant stalemate, each side barely giving an inch to each other. They however, were not the only things to leave the now dilapidated shelters that were once thriving cities.

The Ravens, Elite Mercenaries – They serve no flag, no corporation, only the cold allure of a paycheck and the screams and cries of war. They are men and women who know death and destruction and see it only as business. Under the organization known as Global Cortex, they resolve disputes in the quickest and most violent manner they can – maintaining strict dominion over their own and refusing to allow any Raven or AC pilot slip from their grasp.

Character Background:

Ryou Kimura, known by the handle of Onyx-Zero is one Raven amongst many. Born some time before the Second Impact but young enough to never have seen the sky – the entirety of his life was spent under the vast ceiling and vicious dystopia that was Layered. Like many children within the underground city, they grew up with no hope, no way of escaping the cruel reality inflicted upon them. They grew to understand that they were nothing more than statistics to be adjusted by the Controller, to be moved around with no chance of deciding, or even hoping what they wanted to be – their entire lives decided the day the surface was closed to them.

If being under the mechanical domination of the Controller was cold and detached, being under the rote of the Corporations as well made things even worse. Crest, Mirage, Kisaragi – the residents of Layered were pawns that could easily be cast aside or tossed like money. To the Corporations they were a renewable resource that could be used and abused at leisure and any attempts to resist merely led to death. As the Corporations did not break any laws under the Controller’s rule, nothing was done.

Had that one day not occurred, Ryou would have remained a mindless drone among the rest, toiling until he died or snapped and THEN died. A battle in the city – Corporation forces battling a Raven of Global Cortex. He no longer remembers the emblem upon its arm. Only that it tore a swathe through the Muscle Tracers that guarded the habitation area he was in before smashing its fist through a building – apparently to assassinate a target...

On that day, something awakened in him. Without a plan, without reason nor rhyme – only pure instinct and the clothes on his back, he moved to join the Ravens. His trial by fire almost ended with his death – his lack of piloting experience being the main cause... but it did not deter him one bit. He earned his place away from the teeming masses, and away from the mass control of the Corporations.

One would expect that this change would have made him a better person. It didn’t. The realities of life in Layered had forever ingrained themselves in his mind. The bitter lessons refusing to leave as he leaves a trail of bodies behind him - Innocent or guilty, either targets or ‘acceptable losses from Collateral Damage’ as the Corporations call it.

Though it has been a long time since his induction, he still remains a member of the lowest echeleon – the E-Rankers. He refuses to participate in the Arena battles, believing them to only dull the edges that real battles grind into pilots and a path to make enemies within the fold – locking him to the very bottom of the Raven’s Ark Food Chain. He merely does what he’s paid to do – be it safeguarding a military installation, testing weapons or even condemning hundreds of innocent people to death.

At the end of the day all that matters is that he lives and survives by his own terms.

Personality: Outside of battle Ryou tends to be laid back and surprisingly social in some cases. More than often he’s had a few rounds of drinks with others, sharing in the good times and watching some idiot make a fool of himself on TV. His immensely low rank means that he does not have to deal with many of the troubles that plague those above him – grudges, corporate machinations of the highest degree, bookies doing their best to rig fights in the Arena.

He believes that the attitudes that one has on the job and off of it should be kept separate – so at least SOME manner of life can be enjoyed, even in the manipulative crapsack city the Corporations have their fingers in. This separation is what makes his actions on the battlefield all the more frightening and unexpected to people who have just met him.

Life in Layered has sapped any value he might have placed on human life – it was cheaper than bullets, missiles and food, it could be spent within seconds and yet not be worth anything at all. He shows no mercy, and never cares for collateral damage unless it’s outright stated to affect his payment. He’s a killer; he doesn’t deny it or attempt to make himself look better. He doesn’t feel any guilt for the deaths of bystanders in the field, and more than often he refuses to mourn them. He never sees any reason to.

Any attempts to call him out for his acts of cruelty out of the battlefield get little reaction from him, he will calmly explain his rationale, and should the offended party try to push the issue further – find him either choosing to ignore them or replying to them insincerely. Rarely does he get into fights off the job – and he will do his best to avoid them.

On the battlefield though, he will attempt to concentrate on the fight – Should there be any physical intervention, Ryou will act accordingly. Stray shots upon his AC will be replied to in kind, outright aggression will earn his full attention – as he refuses to have a former ally set upon his back.

Despite this callous attitude, some manner of professional decorum remains. He does his best not to let emotions affect the mission, he will do his best to complete all set objectives, and any friendly forces accompanying him will be supported so long as they do not cause complications.

Additionally, despite attempting to keep a professional manner, Ryou has great distaste for Civilians far past his disregard to them on the field. A crowd of sheep, perhaps less than that – doing little to nothing on their own, being swayed by false promises and honeyed words, living empty lives and never doing anything to become more. But perhaps the greatest reason for his dislike of them was because he used to be one of them and changed that. So few people ever do such a thing - those that do however earn his respect... to an extent.

Capabilities and Resources: Ryou is a mercenary of Ravens Ark. As such he has connections to various weapons and parts merchants among the companies and is skilled in mechanised combat. He is physically fit with sharp reflexes but is an otherwise unremarkable specimen when on foot.

Robot Name: ‘Nevermore’

Robot Description: Nevermore is a mid-weight bipedal Armored Core designed for assaults. The Machine is normally armed with a pair of assault rifles on each hand, and a pair of missile launchers – with a payload of Cluster missiles and micro-missiles on the left and right sides respectively on its back, a pair of rocket launchers hidden inside each shoulder and a solid round ‘Exceed Orbit’ Gun Drone armed with a pair of autoguns that is stored at the rear of his machine’s Core component when not in use.

It is manoeuvrable as far as Mid-Weights go, but statistically speaking it is unremarkable. There are other cores that are faster, or more durable or can deal more damage. Nevermore is remarkable however in the fact that Ryou has regularly made adjustments to the internals of the machine in order to get a better performance, kept a large collection of weapons handy for flexibility on the battlefield and has just honed his skill at killing things as quickly and brutally as possible with it.

However - due to the modular nature of Armored Cores Ryou also ensures to keep various designs of body parts for his machine in case he ever needed to modify his Core’s overall combat style beyond its weaponry – of course because of the upkeep costs Ryou tends to work himself to the bone to keep everything in working order.

[] - Indicates Alternate Weapons and Part Replacements

Nevermore - Standard

Nevermore's standard humanoid layout. Has the most handheld weapon compatibility out of the three regular builds that Ryou uses.

Head: H11-QUEEN [YH14-STING]
Core : CR-C98E2 [CR-YC010/UL2]
Arms : CD-A82SL [CR-A94FL]
Legs: LH-05 COUGAR
Booster: B01-BIRDIE [CR-B83TP]
Generator: CR-G84P [KUJAKU]
Radiator: R02-HAZEL2 [ANANDA]
Inside: CR-184RN Napalm Rockets
Extension: CR-E84RM2 Relation Missile Launcher [FUNI Relation Missile Launcher]
Back Unit R: CR-WB72M2 Small Missile Launcher [KINNARA Micromissile launcher]
Back Unit L: CR-WB78RP2 Medium Rocket Launcher [CR-WB91MB Cluster Missile launcher, [KINNARA Micromissile launcher]
Arm Unit R: WR07M-PIXIE3 Machinegun [WH01R-GAST Assault Rifle, CR-WR93RL Linear Rifle, CR-WR81RS2 Sniper Rifle, CR-WH058P Bazooka, WR25DL-SKULL2 Twin Laser Rifle]
Arm Unit L: CR-WH79M2 Heavy Machinegun, CR-WL88LB3 Laser Blade [WH01R-GAST Assault Rifle, CR-WL06LB4 Laser Blade, YWH13M-NIX Machinegun]

'Holstered' Weapons (Only with use with the CR-YC010/UL2) - x2 WH09H-WRAITH Handguns

Terrain Stats:
Land: A [S with alternate parts build]
Air: C
Sea: D
Space: B [A with alternate parts build]

Nevermore - Quadrupedal

Nevermore's Quadrupedal build is a strictly ground based mode that allows it to fire back mounted guns on the move. It is well armed, just don't expect much in terms of leaping into the air for extended amounts of time.

Head: H11-QUEEN [YH15-DRONE]
Core : CR-C98E2
Arms : CR-A92XS [YA10-LORIS]
Legs: LF03-GAVIAL2
Booster: B04-BIRDIE2 [B03-VULTURE2]
Generator: CR-G91 [KUJAKU]
Radiator: R02-HAZEL2 [ANANDA]
Inside: I0SD-MEDUSA Decoy launcher
Extension: BYAKUE Extra Ammo Containers
Back Unit R: CR-WB69CG Chaingun [CR-WB82SG2 Shotcannon, CR-WBW98LX Aperture Laser Cannon (Uses both back slots due to size)]
Back Unit L: CR-WB91LGL Linear Gun [WB24RG-LADON2 Railcannon, CR-WB78GL Grenade launcher, CR-WBW98LX Aperture Laser Cannon(Uses both back slots due to size)]
Arm Unit R: WH01R-GAST Assault Rifle [CR-WR88RS3 Sniper Rifle, CR-WH01SP Heavy Shotgun, WR01R-SHADOW Heavy Rifle]
Arm Unit L: CR-WH79M2 Heavy Machinegun [CR-WH05RLA Linear Assault Rifle, CR-WL95B Bazooka]

Terrain Stats:
Land: S
Air: D
Sea: D
Space: D

Nevermore - Hover

The most mobile - if fragile of Nevermore's builds. High speed, capable of traversing water easily and has a particularly powerful Sensor system. Because of weight limitations however it has a horrifically restricted weapons selection.

Core : CR-C98E2
Arms : CR-A88FG
Legs: CR-LN99M2
Generator: CR-G91
Radiator: R02-HAZEL2
Back Unit R: MAGORAGA Micro Missile Launcher
Back Unit L: WB17R-SIREN3 Radar System
Arm Unit R: WR07M-PIXIE3 Machinegun
Arm Unit L: YWH13M-NIX Machinegun

Terrain Stats:
Land: S
Air: A
Sea: D
Space: A

Job: Mercenary of Global Cortex. Meaning he will only work if there is a contract to his organization involved rather than randomly picking up jobs.

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